Zarea - Romanian top sparkling wine producerCompany name: ZAREA S.A.

Products: sparkling wine, dessert wine, brandy, bitter, vermouth, liqueur.

Location: 37-39, Intrarea Glucozei St, 1st line, Bucharest - 2, Romania

Short description: Romanian top sparkling wine producer. High quality at competitive prices guaranteed. Won several golden medals for it's Diamond Collection series. Member of the German group Schloss Wachenheim.

Market share in Romania:
- sparkling wines: 20%
- bitter: 40%
- liqueur: 8%
- brandy: 8%
- vermouth: 13%

History of Zarea:
The Zarea Company was founded by Wilhelm Mott in 1912. As he arrived from Germany after working for a few years at the sparkling wine factory in Rhein, Wilhelm Mott established his own small factory in Calea Grivitei, Bucharest. Untill 1929 the Zarea company managed to produce 100.000 bottles of sparkling wine annually – a remarkable figure for those times. In spite of all expectations, this figure was encouraged by the war as the increase of production in this period was significant.

In 1948 the factory was nationalized under the name it has been bearing since, and Zarea reached no. 1 in sparkling wines production in the country. Other types of alcoholic beverages were gradually added to the line of sparkling wines and in time they came to dominate the specific market segments: the brandy department is established in 1953 and the vermouth department 5 years later.

In 2004 the Zarea Company reinvents itself and undergoes the greatest transformation in its history, becoming private and entering partnership worth its reputation with the world leader in production of sparkling wines: the German group Schloss Wachenheim. Thus, the company's tradition receives added value and a new attribute: innovation.

The present:
Nowadays, in the year 2007, ZAREA set the right foot into the European Union: the company is ISO 9001/2001 certified, the factory is in full tech modernizing process and the brands portfolio has been restructured to fit the needs of the consumers. Thus, the Zarea Company invested in all sparkling wine producing technologies, being the only manufacturer to cover all methods – Charmat (tank brewing), Champenoise (bottle brewing) and Asti technology. Only this way all tastes (natural brut, brut, dry, demisec, and sweet) and all price ranges could be covered.

ZAREA operates within all the standard quality control systems currently applicable to the International wine industry. Over the years the company has developed a serious cliental spread out worldwide and has managed to become a major exporter in the beverages sector. Our main export markets are in European Union (United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Germany, Baltic States, Poland, Bulgaria, etc.), Asia (Japan), Ghana, Turkey, Armenia and so on.

"To stay with us and trust that we shall regain our power. As one could see from the examples of other ex-communist countries, brands with tradition can set up a powerful come-back after a while, reaching leadership positions. Things well done never die.", stated Mr. Emil Popescu, General Manager of the ZAREA Company.

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