Wine of the month, June 2011 - Zarea Diamond Collection Brut

Diamond Collection Brut (Zarea)

No doubt, Zarea's Diamond Collection is the best sparkling wine Romania has to offer. With a 100 year history, Zarea has developed an excellent product recognized nationally and internationally.

Made by following the rigorous steps of the traditional method Zarea's Diamond Collection Brut is a real winner from every point of view. Where else in the world can you find such a high quality product at such a reasonable price? Well, if you find any let us know but we are pretty sure we won't hear from you soon.

And the price? You wont believe how reasonable they are compared to products of same quality standards on the market.

Zarea – Diamond Collection, a brand that follows the 1912 tradition by the letter and offers the special quality of bottle fermentation.

The fact that at present only 20% of the world production of sparkling wines is obtained by the procedure of bottle fermentation and in Romania this percent is even smaller (2%) adds value to the Zarea Diamond Collection sparkling wine.

The Japanese story of Zarea Diamond Collection

In December, 2007, Diamond Collection from Zarea was served during the year-end party of the Tokyo based software company E&M Corporation. And to make things more interesting, the General Director of the company (and President of the Japanese Romanian Business Association), Mr. Iwaki Norihiko, decided to spice up the atmosphere by organizing a blind tasting. There were 5 competitors, one of them being Zarea's sparkling. I will not mention the names of the other contestants but they were all over 150 US Dollar products. The labels were carefully hidden so they would not influence the tasters and the games begun... The tasters were employees of E&M, not professional tasters, just the average consumers. I will not describe the details of the tasting, because it would take me too long; i will only tell you with pride that the Diamond Collection won the tasting contest surprising all the participants (around 50 people who tried it out). All we can say is BRAVO ZAREA and keep up with the good job!

Consumption recommendation

To savor this sparkling wine and keep all its remarkable qualities it is recommended to be served at a temperature of 4-6°C. It also makes a very pleasant appetizer.


2009 - OIV International Contest - Silver
2008 - Interdrinks Moskow - Silver
2007 - Vinfest Timisoara - GOLD
2007 - Interdrinks Moskow - Silver
2007 - Moldovin International Wine Contest - Bronze
2006 - Bucharest International Wine Contest - Silver
2006 - Bachus International Wine Contest - Bronze
2005 - Romanian National Contest - GOLD
2005 - Expodrinks Romania - GOLD

Producer: ZAREA S.A.

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