Romanian Wine of the month (July, 2011)

Red Artisan from Domeniile Sahateni

Red Artisan from Domeniile Sahateni - Romanian Wine of the MonthThis is a golden medal wine!!!
And the EXW price... well, i am sure it can satisfy any importer who knows his business. But let's take a look at the reasons i selected this as "The Wine of The Month (July)".

Red Artisan is artistic, unique and sexy. It is was dreamed, planned and carefully created by a woman. It got a golden meddal at Vin Mondial in Bruxelles and it comes in limited stock.

VARIETY :52%Feteasca Neagra; 26%Cabernet Sauvignon; 22%Merlot

ORIGIN: Naeni and Fintesti vineyards of Dealu Mare area, Romania

VINEYARD: located on the hills surrounding Carpathian Mountains, with a density of 4500 plants per ha, the vineyard benefits from a unique and unparalleled set of conditions that are ideal for growing beautiful wines: south exposure ; the composition of the soil all combine to make possible, the production of this high quality wine. Extensive shoot, leaf and fruit thinning in the vineyard insure that we have even and full ripening.

WINE MAKING PROCESS: After hand-harvesting at an average of 25°Brix, the grapes were desteemed and crushed. The grapes has been fermented by variety in stainless steel vertical fermenters with gentle cap irrigators , for 14-21 days . To extract rich colour and soft tannin from the grape skins the fermentation vats were pumped over 5 minutes every 3 hours, daily throughout the fermentation period. Following pressing and malolactic fermentation, the wine was moved to medium plus toasted South Romanian forest oak barrel where it spent the next 24 months maturing. The wine was then racked, blended with a personal fingerprint and bottled without fining and filtration and might require decanting with time.

TASTING NOTES: the wine is elegant and generous, developing coffee and tobacco nose, spices and vanilla taste, well integrated by the complex and corpolent structure. To be served with roasted turkey or goose, pork or game at 16-18 C.


Vintage: 2007
Variety: 52%Feteasca Neagra; 26%Cabernet Sauvignon; 22%Merlot
Yield : 7000kg/ha
Oak aging: 24 months
Alcohol content (vol%): 14.5


Case: 6 bottles
Bottle weight: 1.35kg
Bottle size: 750ml

Producer of this wine: Domeniile Sahateni

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