privacy policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

Regarding personal information provided to us via our web sites, we will make every effort to collect and use personal information by complying with laws and regulations of Japan or European Union.
We will comply with the regulations regarding the handling of personal information also when outsourcing operations to third parties.
The objective of usage regarding the collection and use of personal information will always be explicit to the provider of such information. The personal information shall always be used for the pre-defined scopes and reasons.
Personal information will not be disclosed nor provided to a third party unless otherwise required by law.
We will take measures to prevent unauthorized access, destruction, falsification, leakage, loss and so on of personal information.
If the provider of personal information wishes to disclose, correct, delete, or interrupt the usage of it, we will deal as soon as possible with such request (after identity verification) unless otherwise stipulated by law.

These rules will be reviewed and improved on a regular basis and communicated to all employees or third parties.

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