Wine maker of the Month, July 2011 – Lucian Neacsu from Senator

For his love for Romanian traditional varieties!

Lucian Neacsu - Senator (April, 2011)Name: LUCIAN NEACSU
Birth: November 16th, 1961
Profession: Wine maker and owner
Employer: SENATOR

Why wine maker of the month?

There are several reasons I chose Mr. Neacsu as “Wine maker of the month”. When I first met him I was almost sure that I want to write an article about him because of the passionate way he was talking to me about wine.

I met him for the first time in 2009 and I met him again in April 2011, at an international sommelier conference held in Bucharest. His passion made it’s way to my heart again since he talked to me with so much delight about the brand new organic wines he just made. However, his passionate way of talking about wine was not the only reason I choose him to be wine maker of the month. It was his love for the Romanian traditional varieties. I believe the company SENATOR, co-owned by Mr. Lucian Neacsu and his brother, George Neacsu, is the most important promoter of Romanian grape varieties. They produce 14 Romanian varieties, some of them extremely rare. For example, they are the only producer in Romania (and in the world, of course) of the ancient grape Babeasca Gri, presently produced only on 4 hectares in the region of Moldova. Therefore the only word I have regarding Mr. Neacsu’s performance is: IMPRESSIVE!!!

I am very much looking forward to taste the brand new organic wines made by Mr. Neacsu, of course, from 100% Romanian grape varieties.

List of wines made by Lucian Neacsu (Senator Company)

(Daniel Alexandru Beres - JRBA)


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