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Wine Maker of the month (July)

Lucian Neacsu from Senator - Romanian wine maker of the month

Lucian Neacsu

For his love for Romanian traditional varieties!!!
There are several reasons I chose Mr. Neacsu as “Wine maker of the month”. When I first met him I was almost sure that I want to write an article about him because...

Romanian Wine of the month (July)

Red Artisan from Domeniile Sahateni - Romanian Wine of the Month

Red Artisan

This is a golden medal wine!!! And the EXW price... well, i am sure it can satisfy any importer who knows his business. But let's take a look at the reasons i selected this as "The Wine of The Month (July)". It is artistic, it is unique, it is sexy...

From horse and carriage to Ferrari, in 10 years!

Romania, Europe's New World

Tanks in Segarcea Winery - RomaniaIn the 90’s it seemed to me that it will take a long time until Romania can even dream of taking its rightful place in the world of wine. Better said, I am not even sure that wine makers at that time cared too much about Romania’s place on the international wine market.

The dark-times of the communist era, when Romania was producing only quantity for mother Russia, without any concern whatsoever for quality, were still influencing the mindset of the producers. It seems that is still influencing the big players in this industry, but I am not going to write today about the big players who unfortunately engaged on a path that can go only down. I am going to talk about the new players, about the small and medium sized winemakers who developed amazingly in the last 10 years. They simply went form horse and carriage to Ferrari in an impossibly short time.

If you visited Romania 10 years ago you would have said “there is still work to be done”, but you would not have been very enthusiastic about it. If you go today you will see that work has been done, and it has been done at an amazing scale...

Organic wine - pure romanian varieties only!!!

Probably the best organic wine in Romania

Omnia Babeasca Neagra - Romanian organic wine"Omnia", produced by Senator, is the first range of wine made from organic grapes that contains exclusively Romanian pure varieties: Feteasca Alba, Feteasca Neagra, Babeasca Neagra.

The wines from this range come from the organic vineyard Insuratei.

The word "Omnia" is Latin for "Whole". The name of the range illustrates that these wines represent all that someone who embraces a natural lifestyle could wish for.

The varieties in this range are prephiloxeric (varieties that were in Romania before the attack of the Philoxera at the end of the 19th century) and they are made from organically grown and certified grapes, without the use of pesticides or other chemicals, away from any pollution source.

The labels depict images from old traditional stoves that symbolize the harmony between man and nature, before the age of industrialisation and pollution.

See more on the producer of these wines HERE.